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•   Susan Greiner (Carley)  2/22
•   Sondra Stigen (Wallace)  1/22
•   Bob Juul  1/13
•   Mark Sange  12/29
•   Francine Adler (Goldman)  12/3
•   Diana Mock (Fraenkel)  11/9
•   Sheila Doran (Hurst)  10/14
•   Brooks Groves (Class Of 62)  9/23
•   John Martin  9/4
•   Steve Garrison  11/22
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4 live in Arizona
76 live in California
2 live in Colorado
1 lives in Connecticut
1 lives in Florida
3 live in Georgia
1 lives in Hawaii
2 live in Idaho
1 lives in Maine
2 live in Maryland
1 lives in Michigan
6 live in Nevada
2 live in New Mexico
1 lives in North Carolina
6 live in Oregon
2 live in Texas
2 live in Utah
1 lives in Virginia
5 live in Washington
1 lives in Wyoming
1 lives in Germany
27 location unknown
46 are deceased



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Piedmont High School
Class Of 1961



  The PHS ‘61 Reunion Committee!



PHS Class of 1961 Classmates:

Please look at the list of names I’ve included of deceased classmates and let me know if you are aware that any of them served time in the military and, if so, what branch.  Please let me know either way.  If you don’t know the branch that’s OK too....just if they served.  These are obviously all men but if you know of any women who served, living or not, please let me know.  I am trying to help the people putting together the Piedmont High School Wall of Honor that is recognizing all PHS grads who served since the school’s beginning in 1922 (or is it ‘23??).  Any help you can give will be appreciated.


I have already submitted a list of 27 names from our website “Profiles” listing names and branch of service.  That list includes Larry Williamson, Navy, since I was aware of his service.  Tom Ellison has a flag but don’t know his branch.  The other deceased deserve to be honored if they served so please take a minute and let me know if you have anything at all to add.  You can email me directly at or through the website.


Thanks,  Al


Deceased Classmates:   Edson Adams, David Andregg, Darian Dawson, Tom Ellison, John Fefley, Richard Jones, Ben Maxwell, Richard McKean, Geoffery Michels, Bob Nobel, John Pfeffer, Barry Rilliet, Stan Schechtman, Stan Silver, Ken Singer, Jim Steers, Barty Swenson, Trip Umphred, Steve Wakefield.


Announcing the upcoming Piedmont Wall of Honor commemorating the women and men who have Achieved the Honorable by serving our Country.

The Wall of Honor (WoH) committee has worked for 18 months successfully seeking approval from the school system, City administrators and community. The WoH exhibit will be in the school library with access by a touch screen interactive Kiosk for the students and visitors. It will also be available to your mobile device or home computer. You will be able to submit additional names, details, stories and photos to help the list grow.

The cornerstone of the WoH will be a robust website and a digital repository of service member names & information of those from Piedmont who have served in any one of the uniformed nine branches of service:  Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard, National Guard, Public Health Service, US NOAA, Nurses or in the U.S. Foreign Service.

The Members List will include the names, branch of service, PHS graduation year and special remarks. Visitors to the website and the interactive kiosk will have access to a submission form for friends and family members to contribute new entries, stories and photos to add to the list. Examples are:

Egbert W. Beach KIA, 1918, Army, WW I (Grammar School); David Waybur KIA, 1938, Army, WW II (Congressional Medal of Honor, Silver Star); Jean Witter Jr KIA, 1938, Navy, WW II (Witter Football Field).

To build a professional exhibit that honors our service members and a robust website & databank suitable for use by students in a school setting, by the alumni and community at large is expensive.   Please consider a Donation (tax deductible) of any amount to speed our Wall of Honor to be completed.

Donors that contribute by May 15 will be designated as Founders and receive recognition on the Wall of Honor website. Founding Donors in the Honor, Pride and Courage categories will be included as part of the permanent Wall of Honor exhibit in the library.

Please visit the website for complete details:

Clicking the Donation tab will explain the fast way to contribute by email or USPS letter.

Donations will be used to hire an affordable, experienced, local professional web development company and to design, purchase and install all components of the Wall of Honor inside the PHS Ambassador Christopher Stevens Memorial library.

The community and alumni are invited to attend the Wall of Honor Groundbreaking Ceremony on Thursday, May 18, 2017 at 4PM in the Ambassador Christopher Stevens Memorial Library at Piedmont High School

Click on the website Contact tab and complete the form on the bottom for any questions.




Our 55th reunion is in the books and I think it will go down as one of the best.  The Friday evening, kick off event at the Claremont had nearly 30 of us there to get in the mood and begin our special weekend together.  The daytime format for the Saturday reunion and lunch was a huge success with 50 classmates in attendance and another 15 spouses and friends there to enjoy the day.  As promised, it was a perfect location with good food and plenty of time for mingling and conversation.....and we did!!  Thanks to all of the attendees for your commitment to the class and it’s legacy as we honor our time together at Piedmont High School, all these years later.  And thanks to the Reunion Committee for making the event another special memory that we can keep with us always.  Bravo!     


Please update your information and let us know about you

If you know of anyone’s address, phone or email that has changed would you please let Jim Livingstone know:


Reunion Committee

 Diana Gregory Ambrose       Adrienne Dewell Gilmore
 Candy Hendrick Berryhill       Linda Hall Jones
 Julie Harper Dennis              Sandy Kierulff
 Bill Dittman                         Ann Howell Marceau
 Mary Elliott                         Sheldon Milligan 
 Marty Laidley Fefley             Louise Sherman Neft  
 Marilynn Foree                    Penny Knowland Robb                  
 Al Forster                           Gay Strom Schrag 
                                          Linda Gianella Upp
I would like to thank all those who were involved with the wonderful video tribute to Mr. Killian. What a fantastic endeavor. So many of us, who did not know all the bits and pieces of Mr. Killian, learned so much. Wonderful presentation. Mr. Killian's class provided me with the foundation,that was unmatched with college courses. The tribute is much deserved.
I am a little late on this but in May, 25 classmates and a few spouses, had a great time touring the USS Hornet CV-12, that is now a museum in Alameda. We capped off the day with a lunch nearby with lot's of conversation and togetherness. Our class has some history with the Hornet; Bill Dittmann's brother spent some time aboard, Ann Besler Nicoletti's father designed and built the steam catapults and our own George Conn was stationed aboard and piloted astronaut recovery helicopters in the Apollo 11 and 12 (and Apollo 13 on another ship). How proud is that!!

Jennifer Day (Robertson) wrote:

First grandson born, August 1, 2015. Named Gavin Thomas Goebel.

Hi all, especially you, Al, for organizing the upcoming gathering at the Claremont Hotel in a few weeks. Sorry I won't be able to attend. We'll be in France, cycling the Camino de Santiago (think of "The Way" with Martin Sheen). But I'll with you all in spirit. I hope to see all of you at the next gathering.
Buen Camino
Don Nicholls
I want to thank Jim Livingstone for giving us great support with our reunion! Not only did he help with this reunion site and the great communications that inspired us to 'get with the program', but, he left us with these wonderful memories of the reunion itself with all the pictures he took and posted.

With much appreciation,

Betsy Janin Phair
I want to thank all those who gave their time on the reunion committee. The reunion was flawless!

When I think about the time that has passed, I am amazed at the 'connection' that I feel. I guess that is because of the low transicency rate at Piedmont,in general, and the fact that our class was so small. (I started Wildwood in the 6th grade.)

The reunion and the dinner meeting with Jim Killian, and the evening at the Claremont gave me a partial glimpse into the lives of some classmates. Darn, I would have loved more time to learn oddles more about each one of you, and the paths that you have taken to get where you are today. Every one of you has touched my life in one way or another.

I'm already looking forward to the next reunion!
Fellow classmates:

In response to Al Forester's recent email, I want to thank Al for his ready willingness to serve so ably as our reunion M.C. and as a member of our truly great coordination committee. Thank you also, Al, for your willingness to share so much of what’s inside you, speaking to that part of the rest of us which we have be less willing or able to share so openly.

Among the many feelings this reunion evoked for me was a sense of how far we have all come within ourselves (which is the only way that really matters) over the last 50 years, and how short this is this short trip called life. Thank you fellow classmates, for being in my life, my memories and my heart.

To the coordinating committee, thank you all for your efforts it making this wonderful event possible.

To all, be happy, we well and be in Piedmont for the next reunion!
Don Nicholls

Tom Ellison's email:

Just to let you all know, our primary email address has changed. It is now:

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